How to choose a Web Hosting provider?

Picking a good hosting provider boils down to three S’s-speed, security, and support. For good measure, a scale may be another S-word to ponder. Read the article and know how you can choose a web hosting provider.

What is important in a hosting provider?

Hosting services are available in a wide range of prices, ranging from a few dollars a month to thousands of dollars. If you are a small business getting started, you can do well with the cloud, virtual private server or managed service ranging from $10 to $100 per month. Here has a look at what experts say about the things that you consider while choosing a hosting provider:

Decide how much hand-holding you will need

The basic customer service provides the access to phone support and email ticket. The turnaround time on requests will vary. Some services even offer 24-hour phone support. If you want to delegate the management of your site completely, then you want to consider managed service. The providers of managed service will make sure your system is configured properly for your load, keep an eye on security issues, patch your software as per requirement, and manage backups among other tasks.

Estimate the amount of traffic you expect

Hosting providers generally charge based on storage and bandwidth usage. Bandwidth is a measure of how many bytes you serve over a given period. If you expect only a few folks to visit your site, then the bandwidth will be low. But if you suddenly featured at the top of Google or your product goes viral, then you can expect the requirements to surge. Until the time, you are honest with yourself, then there is not much risk. For example, if you plan to only serve a few pages to a few local customers, you will never run afoul of any time. But if you know that you are actually building a site that will stress low end shared services, be sure to pick a dedicated or cloud-based server.

Understand server type

The very cheap hosting is available on shared servers, where one box may run hundreds of websites. The performance of your site depends on the load put on the other sites on the host. Shared hosting also limits your access to the server’s capabilities, along with limiting you to uploading files via SFTP or FTP, preventing shell access, and it restricts what you can run on service along with the database access that your site can perform.

If you don’t want to share performance with another site, then you can consider a dedicated server, a physical box that is rented to you. It is the same as having a server sitting behind your desk. Only those having system management skills need to apply this.

Another option is Cloud servers as these may be a better choice. They usually run on giant public clouds like Amazon Web services or Microsoft Azure. Service providers can build whatever configuration suits the requirements of their customers. The big benefit is that you can scale seamlessly.

Be wary of unlimited storage

Some hosting providers offer things like unlimited storage and bandwidth for a few dollars a month. These deals often different what it looks like. If you pay three bucks a month there is a chance of having something in terms of your service allowing your hosting provider either to throttle your performance or shut, you down after a certain usage level.

Choose a portable content management system to avoid lock-in

You can web hosting plans can be altered by management changes, acquisitions, and technology. You need to ensure that your site is not locked to any one host and that you have a backup practice in place.

Own your domain name

All fledgling businesses must own their domains. By this, you can change providers if you needed and own any earned SEO benefits.


How To Make Your Business Popular By Website Hosting?

The start is always small for most people living on this planet, as there are a very few people who starts with a bang. There is nothing to be depressed about, as you are among the millions of other people who just have a big idea and a few bucks in the pocket, still got to the unimaginable heights, where nobody can think of reaching. You can put your name in that list by doing the hard work. If you want to become successful in a short span of time, then you will have to combine that hard work with the smart work. I’ll tell you how; you must be aware of the power of the internet, so what you have to do is, go online, create your own website and start doing business through it.

The advantage of the online business is, no shackles, no restrictions and more revenue. A normal business would have been confined to a specific region, but with a website running live, you can sell your products and services to anybody living in any part of the world. The benefit of this type of business is, more customers, more sales and accomplishment of your goals in lesser time. Isn’t that a great thing! But, there are a few things that you have to sort out before you could make your website live. The first thing that you’ll have to do is, get a domain name. You have to think deep and come up with a domain name, which is relevant to your business and is also ideal for search engine optimization.

This will also be the first step towards getting better rankings for your website. The next thing you need to do is, get your website made by a professional web designer and developer. Once it is done, then the only thing left is to get the best web hosting sites where your website can be hosted without any trouble. There are many hosting websites available these days, but it is important for you to choose the one with the most affordable rates and a host of services.

You can take the help of your family and friends in order to find the best web hosting company. You can even ask the web designer who has created your website, as he/she would definitely have the information as to which hosting company is the best. The main purpose of your website is to get rid of all the obstacles and capture the market globally. Here are some points that you have to keep in mind before finalizing a hosting company.

 Distance affecting Local Host Performance

Distance is one of the most important aspects in the world of web hosting. If the web host is based locally, then they might not be able to provide you the services that you need to sell your products and/or services in the global market. You have to find a web host, which is capable of providing you the best-in-class services regardless of which part of the world you are trying to sell your products and services. A local web host will have a limited amount of features, which are good for the local businesses who want to remain local only, but you on the other hand have bigger plans, so you need more features than those local businesses, which is only possible with a globalized brand in the web hosting industry.

Find a paid or free web server providers that offers SEO services as well

In order to make a name of your business worldwide, you need to have your name mentioned at the top of the list. In the virtual world of the internet, it is only possible with the use of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. There are many web hosting companies that provide web hosting services to their clients. So, you can find those web hosting, compare their packages and features, and finalize the best web hosting service based on your comparison. The success of your business depends a lot on the selection of your web hosting service, therefore, choose wisely and gain the maximum benefits. For more information, check out various resources on the best free website hosting for small businesses.