Do You Know How Managed Webhosting Is Helpful For Your Ecommerce Business?

Before starting with the above mentioned topic, I want to put some light on the basics of hosting, its types. The hosting is mainly of two types namely dedicated and cloud hosting. We will discuss about both in brief in this blog post before discussing the main topic.

  1. Dedicated hosting: This hosting is same as managed hosting. In this hosting the server is provided to only one client. No other website can use the same server. Free hosting sites hardly provide the dedicated servers.
  2. Cloud hosting: This is a service for the consumers where there is flexibility of adding or removing the memory as per requirement. The process and configuration settings are bit difficult in this type of hosting.

Now we will try to make you understand about the managed hosting

Managed hosting

 This is a service where the website hosting provider maintains, controls and monitors the server of your website host. In this type of hosting the server is dedicated only to the one customers and the servers are leased for the fixed duration. The control of server is in the hand of customer. He can change the system as well as setting as per his requirement.

Managed webhosting manage mainly two types of operating system: window operating system and Linux operating system. Best webhosting sites provides these types of hosting to the customers.

The services provided by the host provider to the customers are defined below:

  1. Set up: the full installation of OS as well as database related to control panel is provided by the managed hosting. The customer can access the controls. The actual OS is accessed by the client via remote control virtually.
  2. Monitoring: This is yet the important function of managed hosting provider to monitor the network, database and server for proper working. Pin monitors are used for monitoring servers, network and website uptime.
  3. Security: Best website hosting companies provide free security scan on monthly basis. The reports of the scan are reviewed then for finding the possible faults and solution.
  4. Application support: Any kind of update and installation of required by the system is done automatically.
  5. Patching: The patches, bug fixes and updates for operating system and applications
  6. Maintenance through call: Any kind of maintenance can be assisted through telephone call to the staff of hosting company.
  7. Hardware and software upgrade: both the upgrades are done through hosting company. You don’t need to worry about it.
  8. Backup: Proper backup of website data is maintained by the company for emergency support.

What are the benefits of using managed hosting service?

The managed hosting service are proactive in nature which means that problem can be avoided in such type of service due to its proactive nature. It automatically scans for the issue and get it resolved before the actual fault lies. The managed web hosting avoid the problem from happening with the help of tools available with it these are security scan, patch and compatibility check.

Who can opt for managed hosting?

If you are not well versed with the technicalities of your server and settings then the managed hosting service would be better option for you. Web hosting companies take care of all the things that are needed for perfect working of your website. If you are having shortage of time then you can give your responsibilities to the host provider to look after the services and to manage them properly.

If your website is related to the Ecommerce venture then you will definitely spare time on website rather than wasting on managing the host services.

This is good option for you if you want to dedicate your whole time on the website rather than wasting your time for looking at host servers and maintenance problems.